Webinar Recap: 5 Key Strategies for Recruitment Marketing

Haley Marketing masterclass webinar shows how to get the RIGHT people to click APPLY

On Tuesday, August 2, SmartSearch hosted a Smart Leadership webinar on Modern Strategies to Attract Talent, Reduce No-Shows, and Improve Fill Rates, presented by David Searns, Co-CEO at Haley Marketing.

Highlights include practical ideas on how to:

  • Build stronger relationships with job seekers through brand awareness and transparency
  • Capture passive candidate attention with harmonized marketing methods
  • Engage top candidates using targeted job ads and specific calls to action

Watch a recording of the entire program here, or read more for a recap. You can also download the slide deck HERE.


"The talent crisis is here to stay."

The harsh reality of 2022 is that we're looking at near-record low unemployment, fewer people in the labor market, and accelerating boomer retirement. The "great resignation" continues with quit rates at an all-time high.

In addition, remote and gig work has fundamentally changed the definition of work, and recruiters are competing for talent on a global scale. Rampant candidate "ghosting" has become another common hurdle in the race to fill jobs.

To meet these challenges, staffing agencies and corporate recruiters alike must find ways to "fix the last mile" by offering better jobs, writing better job postings, making job opportunities easier to find, and making it easier than ever for candidates to apply.

"Are we providing the best possible experience to every candidate, every time?"

Great recruitment marketing is all about job seeker AIDA:

  • Awareness: I'm unhappy / Life could be better
  • Interest: Sounds interesting / I like this
  • Desire: I want this
  • Action: I just applied

"Think about all the reasons a potential candidate visits your website and how you can engage by giving them different actions they can take."

Define your Employment Value Proposition

Awareness starts on the company website with employment branding. What is your Employment Value Proposition (EVP)? Why should people choose YOU?

Include your employees and your customers as part of the employment message. Enlist "brand ambassadors" to share the company's EVP and invest in Reputation Management to protect your brand.

"Build individual recruiter's brand AND your company brand."

Most importantly, strengthen your company culture and value your existing employee relationships so you don't lose the people you already have.

Rethink your job advertising.

Create interest with social proof. Job seekers have more access to more information about your company than ever before. What do the review sites and testimonials say about your EVP? Does your employee experience match what you're advertising?

Get more from your advertising by eliminating wasted spending and increasing your target audience's visibility. Start by determining the right media mix and combination of digital marketing, social channels, paid advertising, SEO, email & texting, PR, and marketing automation.

"Think beyond job boards. Today, 70% of job searches start on Google."

Go big on digital, but don't forget opportunities in the real world. Don't overlook grassroots and local media, including outdoor, hiring events, and community service activities.

Connect with people where they are.

Know who you want to reach and understand WHY they would care about your company and the job opportunities you offer. Research shows that a returning job seeker is twice as likely to apply. Give people a reason to come back to your site and a compelling desire to take action.

What can you offer in terms of emotional satisfaction: Freedom? Time? Happiness? What does your target audience desire most: Higher pay? Upward mobility? Better benefits? Location? Flexibility?

"When you put 'warmth' and 'competence' together, that creates trust and an employment brand that people really want to work with."

Appeal to the job seeker's current dissatisfaction with their current job, company, boss, or life. Show that they have a choice, and the best time to make a change is right now.

Get more from your ATS with task automation.

Once a candidate applies, it's vital to respond quickly and stay engaged with them throughout the entire hiring process. Your applicant tracking system (ATS) can help with task automation at every step of the recruiting and onboarding lifecycle.

"Use your ATS software to automate workflow, reminders, and recruiting touch-points."

A good ATS constantly upgrades the sourcing capabilities, job posting resources, CRM tools, and ways to build your employment brand and optimize the candidate experience. Your in-house system administrator or Subject Matter Expert needs to monitor updates and look for ways to better leverage the technology that's already at your recruiters' fingertips.

Keep your database current with periodic cleansing and purging of old records. Re-engage talent already in your database by inviting them to update their contact information along with skills, interests, and preferences. Create a nurturing campaign to stay top of mind, build talent pools and pipelines, and drive referrals.

"Take advantage of the tools already in your toolbox!"


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