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Streamline Your Training Processes with New Technologies

Making a new hire can be a fun and exciting experience, however finding the best way to train your new hires presents many challenges. Workforce training is a crucial component to successfully onboard new candidates and ensure they can start contributing to the team immediately. We’ve all read statistics of how much it costs to train new employees and finding the best training medium to reduce the time it takes them to learn company procedures and best practices is imperative. Training has gone through many variations over the years with new technologies introduced and with Millennials now taking the mantle of the largest generational workforce, we must embrace these new technological training tools.

New acronyms have made their way onto the training landscape. From LMS and LXP to AI and AR, training has advanced at a rapid rate to accommodate both the younger generations and remote and hybrid work. Finding the best method to train though remains challenging. Everyone has a preferred training medium, but new technologies like an LMS or LXP provide a way to combine mediums such as visual, auditory, reading, and writing all in one. Covid accelerated the stay-at-home worker which all but exterminated in-person training. The staffing industry has gone through rapid changes and adjusting to the new training norm was no different. Since the start of Covid, video sales tools have increased by over 500%, showing yet again, that the staffing industry can be quick to adapt to new best practices.

These tools are designed to automate training processes, track progress effectively, and combine multiple types of learning content that accommodate almost anyone. Like everything else in our world, these new mediums do have cons associated to them. Online training tools lack the human touch, which can demotivate new employees if they don’t feel like the company values their time. A method to overcome this is to set up automated emails to send to your training specialist every time a new employee completes a chapter so they can follow up with them personally. Scheduling these in-person follow-ups, also ensures that the employees are paying attention during the training videos. There can be animosity towards video training as there are always a few bad apples that turn the video on and then go onto social media and let it run out. Combining video training with face-to-face meetings (virtual or in-person) shows your new hires that you’re as equally committed to their success as they are. Another con is the ability to ask questions and receive an immediate response. When doing video learning, the new hire may have to hold all questions until the face-to-face or send an email to the trainer which may take a while to respond to. An FAQ is a perfect way for this to be resolved or the introduction of a chatbot with pre-loaded answers to commonly asked questions.

Introducing an LMS or LXP to your onboarding process has many benefits starting with having a consistent workflow for all new hires to undergo. You’re able to tailor the training process from start to finish, ensuring nothing is skipped or glossed over. You can even make personal videos and task-specific courses for your new hires. Flexibility is huge in today’s world, especially with the new remote workplace trend solidifying itself in the workplace. Having a tool that can be accessed anywhere at any time ensures that both the trainer and trainee can be flexible with their schedules. Video recordings are great for being able to pause and come back if something urgent pops up. The new employee can work on this in between other job duties, and even current employees can watch new training processes during slower workdays.

Putting your best foot forward as an employer or agency reflects positively on your new hire. Positive workforce satisfaction all but ensure positive work production. Making an easy-to-use virtual training package alleviates stress from your new hires and the current employee performing the training. Utilizing an LMS or LXP can also be a great way to introduce your company’s culture in a fun and interactive manner. Include videos of company parties, achievements, and activities to show your teammate the company’s personality and mission statement. Having every employee know what your goal is as a company sets expectations immediately and brings everyone together with a similar mindset for success.

Welcoming a new hire onboard is an exciting time and training them can be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. New technologies should be embraced as they allow us to do our job more efficiently and give us more time to build stronger human connections. New age training techniques are evolving to cater to a wider range of working environments, so take the jump to introduce these processes and reap the many benefits.

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