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Practicing Mindfulness

Last year, I wrote about Mindfulness and the importance of living in the moment. With today’s emphasis on well-being and mental health in the workplace, the idea of Mindfulness – the need to slow down, listen more, and take time to experience the Now – is front & center for employers.

Mindfulness practices contribute to employee engagement, satisfaction, retention, and a healthier, happier work environment.

We have a company-wide challenge every month on our Corporate Refresh app that includes things like team-building, rewards and perks, and health & wellness. This month’s challenge is to unplug for 24 hours and see what it’s like to live a day without any online activities, which is how 50% of the people around the world live without the internet. After 24-hours, we’re encouraged to share our experience on social channels using the hashtag #unconnect24 and help 100 million people get connected.

What a wonderful way to exercise Mindfulness!

Let’s all take a step back from work, spend less time in the virtual world, and for one day a month simply focus on the people, places, and things that exist in our real world.

Continuous learning is another way SmartSearch practices Mindfulness, both for our people and for our clients. With our V22 release, we upgraded the Learning Management System and SmartSearch University courses, created a new community for our SME’s (Subject Matter Expert users), and added a certification program that provides incentives and supports a selected charity every month. And every one of our own employees is encouraged to spend at least one hour a month on learning. This could be reading a book, attending a webinar, podcast or class, cross-training activity, or other personal or professional learning program or event.

This month, SmartSearch is happy to be exhibiting at the California Staffing Professionals (CSP) conference. We’re learning about current trends, challenges and solutions offered by an information-packed program as well as taking time to be in the moment with our clients, colleagues and industry thought-leaders (and practice a little golf course mindfulness).

At the last CSP conference that we attended way back in the pre-pandemic days of 2018, speaker Coach K, aka John Klymshyn, the Librarian of Uncommon Knowledge and Professor of Profundities, gave us 10 Tips for practicing Mindfulness every day.

  • Be kind to someone.
  • Negotiate as if you don’t need the deal.
  • Meditate, pray or just be silent.
  • Laugh loudly.
  • Inspire someone.
  • Read for one hour.
  • Do something creative.
  • Save money.
  • Give something away.

What’s funny is that Coach K didn’t call these practices “mindfulness” back then, since it’s a new buzzword for an old concept. The principles and the lessons of Mindfulness by any other name are timeless.

LJ Morris
President & CTO

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