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Meet Tyler Coull – Sales Engineer

This month, we are thrilled to feature Tyler Coull, Sales Engineer, SmartSearch, in our staff spotlight for September.


So, who is Tyler Coull?

Born and raised as a “San Diegan,” Tyler describes himself as a go-getter. He developed this attitude during his formative years while pursuing his associate degree at Mira Costa Community College. Currently attending Cal State Fullerton, Tyler is studying Business Administration with a Professional Business concentration. 

Tyler enjoys helping others, learning, and using what he learned to explore new opportunities and the world around him. When not working, Tyler enjoys being with his family, enjoys being outdoors, and working on his car.

What are your hobbies and passions? 

Tyler is passionate about many things both at work and in his personal life. “At work, I am passionate about building team chemistry and bringing positivity to all of my co-workers. Having this type of atmosphere allows for a more enjoyable working experience which translates to client satisfaction,” says Tyler. 

“At home, I am passionate about cooking, reading, working on cars, hiking, being outside. Family time at home is equally important, so ensuring I’m always in contact with my loved ones and seeing them as often as possible is very important,” continues Tyler.

Learning is also a passion of Tyler’s. While he has gone back to school to further his education, he keeps a keen eye on industry trends. He uses his findings to provide the best approach to solving his clients’ needs using SmartSearch. 

How long have you worked in this industry? 

Tyler has been in the staffing and recruiting industry for about six years. Before becoming a Business Development Manager, Tyler was on the Client Success and Support Team, helping clients troubleshoot issues and maximize the system based on their recruiting needs.

“I learned a lot about SmartSearch, the ATS itself, and the daily challenges and successes of staffing agencies and corporate firms,” says Tyler.  

After two years, Tyler transitioned into a hybrid sales and support role, where he continued to learn the needs that matter most to recruiters. Tyler now utilizes what he learned from his experience in client development, focusing on sales, but he continues to bring the SmartSearch can-do attitude to his work every day.

What do you most enjoy about your role?  

Tyler loves to see his clients use innovation to succeed in their recruiting and hiring efforts.

“One of the most enjoyable experiences I have is bringing my clients a successful product that they can utilize to make their lives easier. From staying in touch with their candidates to helping clients stay organized by automating some of their daily tasks while working with them to resolve challenges using SmartSearch is very fulfilling. I also like bringing innovation and ideas to life by working hand in hand with our clients to build a better product,” says Tyler.

As you have read, Tyler has a curiosity for life. We hope you enjoyed getting to know Tyler.

Be sure to keep an eye out for next month’s ‘Staff Spotlight’ when we put the spotlight on another SmartSearch team member.

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