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Meet LJ Morris – President and CTO

We are excited to feature LJ Morris, President, and CTO, SmartSearch, in our staff spotlight to end the year. LJ has been with SmartSearch for 24 years, and 2022 will mark 25 incredible years.


So, who is LJ Morris?

LJ best describes himself as driven but also a strategic thinker. “When problems arise, I prefer to tackle them head-on. I’m not particularly eager to back away from a good challenge, and I am happiest when trying to overcome something or learning new things. I am a life-long student, always trying to learn new skills or gaining understanding”, says LJ.

“While I am a very goal-oriented and competitive person, I try hard to remember to enjoy the journey. I want everyone on our team to enjoy their journey and constantly try to improve the work environment while promoting good mental health. So my motto is, if you take care of your people, they will take care of the business”, continues LJ.

What are your passions?

Flying planes, writing, and boating are LJ’s passions. “Flying is one of my biggest passions. I have been a private pilot for over 32 years, and after all these years, I still marvel that I can climb in the plane and fly like a bird”, says LJ.

Over the last five years, LJ has also taken an interest in mental health and its importance in the workplace. “Perhaps it is because my wife is earning her Masters in Counseling Psychology that it has brought the topic to my attention. I am a believer in the value of taking care of your emotional well-being as much as your physical well-being,” continues LJ.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

With his 29 years in the tech industry and rise to becoming President of SmartSearch, LJ enjoys building up his employees personally and professionally as he comments, “I really enjoy creating an environment and support structure that allows our employees, and even clients, to be the best versions of themselves. When you do that, you get the very best results. I love giving people the opportunity to shine and prove themselves and then watch them flourish. That is extraordinarily satisfying, and it is great for productivity and business. But I also love the strategy side of the job, figuring out what moves to make, how to best serve our clients. Maybe it is all those years of Chess as a kid, but the strategic process gets me energized”.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know LJ and why he is so driven to make SmartSearch and his employees succeed. Be sure to keep an eye out for the next ‘Staff Spotlight’ in January 2022.

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