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Meet Brian Paez – Technical Support Manager

We are thrilled to feature Brian Paez, Technical Support Manager, SmartSearch, in our staff spotlight for November.


So, who is Brian Paez?

Brian was born in Southern Californian but was raised in Vista. Brian describes himself as a technician and collaborator that enjoys solving complex problems in group settings.

From a career perspective, Cal State San Marcos is where he discovered the field of Information Systems. “I was originally an accounting major, and when I was my first year few classes, I took an introductory class to information systems as an elective. I enjoyed that class so much that I decided to switch my major to Information Systems”, reflected Brian.

What are you most passionate about?

With an appreciation for the arts, Brian enjoys watching movies such as Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Gladiator, and SuperBad. He also likes watching artists like Two Door Cinema Club, JoJo, and Kanye West at music and art festivals. Brian is also interested in investing in stocks, with a growing interest in emerging technology companies.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

“I have appreciated my two years so far at SmartSearch. The company has a great culture that invests in its employees. My experience has allowed me to learn and grow in a team environment, as I serve and problem-solve our clients’ technical needs. I look forward to growing in my current role as SmartSearch continues to grow”, says Brian.

As you have discovered, Brian has a curiosity for life and to understand how things in life are interconnected.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Brian.

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